Tips on How to Show Employee Appreciation

John Englehart
1 min readFeb 25, 2021


· Be supportive. Provide emotional support and encouragement.

· Refer to those in the group as team members or teammates instead of subordinates or employees. Make frequent use of the words “we” and “us.”

· Bring team members together for meetings, meals and occasional parties, virtually of course. Schedule most get-togethers during regular office hours so you don’t intrude on people’s personal time. Make use of your lunch break to eat together and chat virtually.

· Emphasize that yours is a winning team.

· Frequently remind team members that their work is important.

· Help them identify tasks they’re particularly good at and promote them as key members of the group.

· Build the commitment and confidence of each team member. Frequently reminding team members of what they’re doing right is one way to build commitment and self-confidence.

· Emphasize group recognition.

· Giving rewards for group accomplishments promotes team spirit by enabling team members to take pride in the entire team’s contributions and progress. Consider creating a display wall, padlet, or Monday morning email update for postings of team activities, certificates of accomplishment and upcoming events.

· Don’t keep the best assignments for yourself. Look for opportunities that will allow other team members to perform at a high level.

· Welcome all input. Team spirit increases when everyone contributes. It’s especially important that the leader not allow one or two people on their team to do most of the work.”



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